Informal Meditation – Meditation during your daily routine

Informal Meditation – Meditation during your daily routine

Walking Meditation

Try to practice walking meditation during the day.  As you hurry along remind yourself to pay attention to your breath as you walk.  Remind yourself to feel your body in motion, to feel your feet touching the ground, to feel the breeze, the sunshine, the rain.  Listen to the sounds around you.  Be present.  Try not to be lost in your thoughts.  Take some time out just to be with your walking.

Eating Meditation

Try eating one meal a day with mindfulness, silently focused simply on eating.  While you are eating, know that you are eating.  Before you begin to eat, take a moment to look at the food.  Notice all the different beautiful colors.  Notice the aroma, the heat, the cold, the textures.  Be aware that this food is a gift provided from the fruits of nature and from the hard labor of countless people, from farmers, to truck drivers, to cooks and grocery clerks.  Take a moment to prepare your body to receive this food.  Calm your body and give gratitude that you are able to chew, taste, and digest this food.  Chew your food mindfully.  Savor the taste.  Concentrate simply on the act of eating, slowly, leisurely and with pleasure.

 Slowing Down

Try mindfulness meditation during times that you may be accustomed to feeling stress.  When you are in a hurry and find yourself behind a very slow driver or in a traffic jam and perhaps you begin to feel agitated and upset, try to remember to focus on your breath, to notice the sunshine or the rain, to experience what is around you, and try to put a soft smile on your lips.

If you are in a rush and find yourself in a long line at the supermarket, or at a very long red traffic light, try to remember to breathe and smile.

When the telephone rings, let it ring once or twice, let the sound of the ringing be a reminder to breathe and smile, and then pick up the phone calmly and gently.